Wednesday, May 17, 2006


"In today's society, a good sense of humour is the foundation of a happy life, the lubricant of a successful relationship.

Only through humour can one be charming and witty; only through humour can one have wisdom and the ability to enjoy what is amusing or comical. However, we must bear in mind that humour is not sarcasm, but a language of wisdom. A humorous gesture conveys an immeasurable amount of genuine affection and concern.

The intent of humour is not to create embarrassment for others by being overly forward, but to bring happiness to others by lightening or dissolving embarrassing moments. Hence, to have a good sense of humour is to have an enlightened mind, a mind complete with ingenuity, vivacity, and intelligence. It is indeed a mental state of unsurpassed carefreeness, without attachments or worries. It is an attitude of complete optimism, when all things past and present can be humorously perceived.

Humour is like a mountain spring, for it can cleanse our minds.
It is like a cloud in the sky, for it can wander at will without obstruction.
Humour is sometimes like a gentle breeze that can soothe a person's pain and misery.
Humour is also like a spring blossom that can warm a person's heart and awaken his or her mind."

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