Thursday, May 25, 2006

All in a Thought

“Our minds are not limited by time and space. Our mind is our master, for from our minds arise views. If we change our views and outlook on life, we can change our destiny. A thought can change tears into smiles; it can transform foolishness into wisdom. A thought of compassion to help others elicits the mind of sages, but a thought of jealousy to hurt others brings forth the mind of the wicked. A thought of selfishness to profit oneself can only result in limited accomplishments, but a thought of initiative to benefit others can attain limitless merit.

Throughout history, a simple thought has changed the destiny of many countries. Kings and emperors have risen and fallen as a result of a single thought, and their countries have followed suit. In this world, many people change their entire lives on the basis of a hasty decision. Many take their own lives for lost love, leaving their families in pain and grief, while some steal and kill for profit, bringing others great harm, and ruining their own lives as well. All of these things can happen in a single thought.”

When we have no worries everything is possible and our mind is an ocean, but when we have trouble on our minds, our world becomes very small and focused.

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