Monday, September 19, 2005

Googlize !

I thought of a new word today : Googlize.

I used the word today and the person I was speaking to immediately knew what I meant. The said person was looking for information and then I said "I'm not sure, but have you googlized it ?". The term obviously mean - searching for something via Google. Interested by the term, I thought I will googlize the word googlize, to see if someone also have laid claim to this term. Sure enough there is quite a lot of hits on googlize. So there goes my glory road to fame - but it is interesting that the word has been used by so many people... it may even become a valid word. This would probably be the entry :

goo-gel-ize Pronunciation Key
to search for information through the Google search engine

Although the way Google has been expanding their line-up this term may later be more inclusive...

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