Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gerrit Badenhorst

Now here is a fellow South African that is a huge success - Gerrit Badenhorst :

"Gerrit is still a full time strongman performer and entertainer doing one-man shows and acts at all kind of venues. The fact that he can do strongman shows and sing simultaneously, proves him to be an asset to any show or function, as he is a true crowd-pleaser and performer. Old and young absolutely adore his performances and outgoing personality."

"Gerrit Badenhorst just released his first CD 'Soen, Soen', translated means Kiss, Kiss. An album with variety, tempo, passion and emotion in English and Afrikaans. The World Strongest Man Anthem is a song which brings International flavour to this album. He was fortunate to sing this song in Holland and Hungary at the International Strongman's contest recently. This song is gutsy, inspiring, motivating and is being played in Gyms and Sporting events internationally."

Check out his website at :
Link To Gerrit's Site

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