Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Hidden Records by Wayne Herschel on the face of Mars, Pyramids ...

If any of you haven't read Wayne Herschel's book yet... Go out and get it ! It has various facts and new revelations he is trying to promote. It's a pity his book came out at the same time as Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code as I believe the cryout against Dan's book basically subdued Wayne's book. I see he is trying to promote it currently in Europe. I believe they can prove one of his theories right as soon as they can start digging in those Martian sands...

Check it out :
The Hidden records

"It contains the long awaited (already televised) solution to the ancient pyramid civilisations. Their records all appear to include an obsession with worshipping the celestial bull of Taurus and beings that came from the sky."

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