Friday, January 26, 2007

The Spiritual Cinema Circle

My wife recently happened on this, we think it is really great and joined :

Spiritual Cinema Circle

As a Member of our Inner Circle, each month you'll receive a new DVD with four wonderful, entertaining movies that will enlighten and inspire your soul. The movies will be a mixture of features, shorts and documentaries, all handpicked for their quality and content. You can be assured that each month you'll see more inspiring, meaningful movies than you can find on T.V. or at the local cineplex.


etain_lavena said...

Sounds fun!!!

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

in some ways, the "hand-picked" part of the message seems like brainwashing....I could be wrong, though

Andre du Plessis said...

The movies are hardly brainwashing it is actually the antithesis of it. Even if it was it would be better to wash my brain like this. No it is some pretty deep stories. I am a skeptic (as apparent on my other blog - although I try to keep this one in positive light) and was surprised by the stories. Although I admit I don't look at the introductions or questions - I just enjoy the movies for what they are. They do include movies that are well known as well. In light of your previous comment from Yoda, they actually have Star Wars in their collection as well (because of The Force concept). But what really interested me was the unknown production that was surprisingly well acted and kept my interest most of the time. The stories actually has some cool twists and make you realize some stuff about life you may have forgotten. The stories and movies may also enlighten conflicting ideas I found where you can decide on whatever you want to believe. There was 2 movies which considered incorrect but they hardly try to force ideas down your throat. One musn't confuse spirituality and religion.